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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Necessity of wearing a bra

The weather's turned from mild wet to frosty cold. The change was sudden. It has not snowed yet but it is threatening to in no uncertain terms.
I wasn't quite prepared for this change in temperatures though when I stepped out for a quick fag, one deceivingly bright morning.  I slipped on my fluffy house shoes and stepped out onto the balcony to join my hero who was already outside puffing on his cigar.
"How beautiful it is this morning" I beamed lovingly at him.
All I got in response was raised eyebrows.  A man of few words is my hero.
I lit my cigarette and took a puff and slowly exhaled into the atmosphere, feeling somewhat grateful for my pleasant life and this lovely day.  Yes, I get like that some days.  Irritating I know but I just can't help myself.

Just then, without warning, a gust blew from the left (west). It was icy cold. The kind that would freeze water in an instant. And me, without so much as a cardigan on me. "Arrrrggghhhhhh", I shivered, "AAAAffffffffffgggghhhh."
No words could I utter, just these sounds "aaaaaaffffgggghhhh".
I tucked my neck down and raised my shoulders automatically, like you do. A natural reaction really.  My stomach muscles tensed up and I looked down to hide my face from that ghastly gust of iciness
and what did I see? ...
My nipples ... standing at attention as if in salute to the freezing wind ...
No, you guessed it, I was NOT wearing a bra.
Yes, it is a natural reaction for my body.
But what the ... "STANDHUT" ...
Normally, this part of my body does absolutely NOTHING! They are two lazy pimples that do nothing!  In fact, I never thought they would actually be this attentive ... ever!
You can just imagine my shock. I glared at them in utter disbelief for a few seconds.
My charming man of few words, must have sensed my silent shock, for he turned to look at me and then bemusedly utters, "You're not wearing a bra... tsk tsk."
The postman who was delivering letters, on the street below, must have heard us, he turns to look up in the direction of our balcony (we are only one floor up).
Well, quick as a flash, I cover up myself with my arms, tucking my hands snugly under my armpits hugging myself tightly, in an attempt to subdue my soldiers back into their sleep mode again. And I give the postie one of my "whatcha looking at" glances. And he turns away again, embarrassed.

I guess it's time to get the thermals out and start layering clothes, and wearing my bra when I step out eh.