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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One of those days

My eyes were wide open, as I sat opposite my client, body erect and stiff.  I looked like I was listening intently, which pleased my client no end.  I always aim to make an impression. Pay attention, its the best way to show your respect to your client.

Bless her, she talked some more, and more, and more ... and patiently, I sat.   I nodded accommodatingly, and smiled appropriately, my timing impeccable.
Every so often, I would add a little "yes" followed by a jerky nod.  My body facing her and my eyes focussed on her forehead.  Yes, yes, so appropriate.  I can be good at body language.  My back was stiff from being so straight and arched. My feet neatly and elegantly crossed at the ankles.
Perhaps pressed together a little too tightly.

My lovely client pressed on, telling me in detail what her company requirements are and how we have to follow their schedule.  And so I keep nodding, smiling and saying the right thing periodically "of course", "we do our best".   Rehearsed words that people who deal with people use daily, with affirmation and conviction.  It is our job to be convincing.

Its been an agonising 45 mins now and the conversation, has taken a different trail.  She's now talking about her children.  How did we get there... I dont know myself, the conversation just got naturally deviated, and that's ok too.  In any other circumstance, I would not have minded at all, but not today. My eyes were really wide by this time, and she told me that I had really big eyes, I smiled weakly at her and thanked her ...

Eventually, after 57 1/2 minutes, we said our goodbyes, with me promising something and her promising another.
Calmly, and in a professional manner I walked out of the office, one assured purposeful step at a time.  By now, I am immensely worried that I might not get a taxi quickly.

As I got out of the lift, I walked with the biggest longest strides, even a professional 6ft tall long distance walker would not have been able to beat me, to the taxi stand.  Suddenly, I became quite holy as I saw a taxi waiting in the rank ..."Thank you God!! I believe!!!" heaving a sigh .

Then the taxi driver started to ramble, oh lord (getting holy again),  this time however, I didnt need to pay attention, well, couldnt actually, my mind wandered and I began to sweat.   The air conditioning in the taxi was on, but I was sweating, I guess that's a good thing considering...
We were 5 minutes away from home, and I already had my money ready for the driver, and paid him even before he managed to stop.  Nearly threw the money at him as I hurried out of his taxi, poor guy.   I shouted back "keep the change".  He must have thought I was a nutter, there was only 10 cents change....

I ran up the stairs faster than the HULK with his hair on fire, and hurled myself down on the toilet in one fleeting move ...  just in time, phew ... have you ever held your urge to pee for over an hour???
Its not funny ... now I have to figure out what my meeting was all about ... as you may well have guessed, I wasnt paying attention.... sigh...

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  1. Haha.. I love this.. Lol.. But, I do have to ask: Why were there no toilets in her office?? ;p