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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'm back but for how long?????? ..... the mind is clinging, though barely, but the spirit furiously tearing the chains of hell, ...
the bones are weakening, and the flesh is rotting.
The heart is beating in time to underground blasts; bursting cells with each explosion.
Breathing in the hot lava bursts.

Tears of blood stream down tearing tender flesh.
Deep inside, the spirit is fighting for it knows instinctively escape is looming closer ...

where is the strength? to escape?
Emotion has ebbed so low
fighting but no where to go

the warrior fights bravely though pointlessly
The fight is over, but the spirit is not in synch
It pushes the warrior harder

Eyes no longer seeing
Arm ripped away from sockets
Legs hacked from the knee
but the warrior stands still and unmoving
for his unseen spirit is still alive
trying to escape

No one sees the warrior
No one will remember the warrior
he is but one of many

All he has is pain
All he has is warm blood
all he has is his spirit

Bleed warrior Bleed

He is you and he is me


  1. I like this one! It's so.. deep, for lack of a better word.. I feel the struggle, of the 'warrior', of the everyday man (or woman! ;p). How true it is, that when all struggles seem futile, when you have nothing left, that little something inside you, will not let your spirit die without a fight til the end..

    Stay strong! Sometimes your spirit, is all you need.. =)