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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Lost Ant in Calista's Hair

It's dark ... no it's black,  utterly and totally black.  No sunlight can penetrate the thick shafts of protein. And every shaft is tightly packed to the other ... the poor little ant cannot manouvre at all.  He struggles as he climbs the gargantuan black shaft, his muscles ache as he heaves his tiny body.
Ants are supposed to be able to carry 10 times their own body weight but he doesnt quite believe he can even move his own body any further let alone carry one of those massive shafts.

He's been stuck in this black dense jungle for 2 weeks now and cant see a way out.  The poor little creature feels doomed. Occassionally, it pours with rain but it hasnt helped him to flush out.  He tried to hang on to a lose shaft once, but it didnt budge; it kept getting blocked by other shafts.
"Oh woe is me!" he cried.  He cried often at his predicament.  Every night, well, he could not tell if it was night; basicly he just slept when he got tired, as he didnt see any light at all.
Poor poor little fellow.

At other times, he tried to climb up on the fork lift thing that appeared through the mass of shafts but without success, the fork lift thing would lift out before he could ever get to it ... he just could not climb over the enormous shafts that lay in his way.
There were so many of them, and so tightly packed together too... oh woe is me!! 

The little ant has now retired him to a slow death, as he lay on Calista's hair... the thick jungle mass of her hair ... 

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  1. Hahahahahahaha...!!!
    =D As funny as the first time I read it on facebook! I love this!! =D