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Friday, April 22, 2011

You never know...

You go through life, at times, not sure if you had any impact on anyone. Or what you were doing meant anything.  You wonder if it was pointless or meaningful.  And you do not always know as no one actually acknowledges you properly.  There are usually meagre efforts and you believe people say "nice" things just to be polite and don't really take notice.
Then out of the blue, one day, someone you did not expect, sends you a message, that makes you want to cry with joy. You feel a deep sense of satisfaction and grateful for life, and start to value your own efforts again.
To this person, who kindly said those wonderful words to me, I say thank you very much.  
Thank you for making me have faith in human nature again and for letting me know that what I had always aimed for has had an impact on you and others.  

Here is a part of the message, she sent to me that gave me so much joy:

Miss FMS a lot. The only thing me and Bhell talk about is FMS. I think, in my own view, you've given birth (in a creative way of speaking) to two most inspiring and successful Sabahan ladies; Bhell and Calista. I know they've work so hard for their success but you've polished them well, just like all the other FMS girls. On their behalf, i would like to thank you for that. For everything, Mrs Amal. I do hope life would always take good care of you and your family. :)

We all need that little booster once in a while from people whose lives we have touched.  Remember to say thank you or just whisper a few words of acknowledgment, no matter how small their contribution.  This makes you and the other person extremely happy.  It costs nothing to acknowledge a person ... mere words... how hard is it for us to say nice things.  Nothing.  But worth a fortune.

Sarcasm and criticism is not necessary; especially if its in the past. Learn to forgive and forget.  Unless, you were emotionally and physically tortured, learn to let go of things, a little a time.  I try to tell myself this as much as possible, albeit, its not an easy thing to do.  
Dwelling on a teacher who was harsh when you were a student, seems to be a minor thing, once you've matured doesnt it.  Telling an old school mate, that you thought she was too stern when she was at school, seems petty, when you are older and have lived separate lives.
Being sarcastic to someone who's just cooked you a meal, makes you a selfish and ungrateful person.  
What does it cost to say thank you??
Make yourself happy, by being grateful.  It does not make you any less of a person to show gratitude and appreciate.
Of course, you have to be honest, but if you can't be honest and nice, then refrain and hold your tongue.  Don't go out of your way to hurt another.  You are then, the petty one! Shame on you.

Just as you would like others to appreciate your talents, nature and character, so would others.  Be the first to show appreciation, then watch how much others respond in kind.  It's priceless.  Its a happiness generator. It makes for a lovelier life. ;-)

Have a super day!! Remember, you are a nice person too.  My sunshine to you.
And a warm hug to my students who remember me so nicely.  I will always want to do more for you, all you need to do is ask.  And thank you for making my day.  ;-)

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes too!! I dont think any of us FMSers will ever forget our days at FMS.. The fun, the experience, just the bonding that all of us felt, learning stuff we never thought we'd have a chance to learn, and having so much fun doing it! Meeting awesome guys and gals with dreams like your own, and having amazing instructors like yourself who made things like dining etiquette (zzz...) interesting! =) And some of us have trouble expressing out feelings and gratitude, but you should know, that not one of your students can honestly say they dont miss FMS and all the joy it brought us.. There will never be a place quite like it!! Or an instructor quite like you... =) *hugs*