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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to know when your man is not in love with you

Some gals just dont know when its time to dump the man or maybe they're afraid to be on their own.  Whatever, here are some signs to help you decide if he's the right man for you or not.
Bear in mind, that I am not a glutton for punishment and that I am lazy and appreciate a man who appreciates me.  Also that I am bossy when it comes to men... its in my genes, and I cant help that.
Thus, this is a personal opinion, and you should take it as such.

1.  When he takes you out on a date, and brings his guy friends with him too. So the night ends up with total guy talk and rude insinuations, and lots of gutter language, while you sit around in a corner, smiling like the sweet muppet that you are.... dump the man!

2.  When he calls you once a month and thinks that's too obsessive.... errrr.... really and you think that's ok ... girl you need help.

3.  When he sends you dirty jokes and thinks you'll appreciate them....   are you one of the guys??

4.  When he thinks, you should work for a living, never mind, that you want to work anyway; its the fact that he insists that you work that's wrong.

5.  When he thinks that a woman's place is in the home - 24/7/365 - errr.... doing what at home exactly???

6.  When he praisses you everytime you cook but doesnt bother to help with the washing up.  Worse still is when he doesnt praise your cooking but expects you to do the cooking on a daily basis....  that's my pet hate!!

7.  When he thinks maids are a waste of money and that you both can do without one and then lets you do all the cooking, washing, cleaning ... etc... girl, you have just been demoted to maid!!

8.  When he likes going dutch because he says that he likes women to feel independent ... so you are going out with him why?????

9.  When he tells you to go out to buy more make up and perfume!  Errrr.... confusing message that one ... is he trying to tell you that you look better with make up or that you're ugly without make up???  And what's that with the perfume, most men, buy you perfume as a gift (though they cant choose the right one), it spells danger if he asks you to go out and get your own - check your b/o please ... talk to a bff ok

10.  When he has to go out every weekend clubbing because he says he has to network but wont take you with him ...  girl, what do you think he's up to ?

11.  When he takes alot of photos of himself and hardly any of you...  methinks he's in love with himself

12.  When he buys things for himself and never buys you anything, no even a telephone top up card ... gosh he really has you  on his mind huh...

13.  When he goes on holidays on his own or with friends and hardly ever goes with you, except when you moan and scream at him, and then it takes him months to find a cheap enough holiday package ... mmmmmmm

14.  When you cant remember the last time he bought you a little something for no reason what so ever ...  keep thinking ... when??

15.  When a man is afraid of his mom or loves his mom too much ...  hello lady, you will be the third lamp post ... get out quick

16.  When on a date together, you're both too busy texting on your handphones to other people, and havent said much to each in the last hour...  and you thought that was sharing ... I think that spells : N O T H I N G I N C O M M O N

17.  When holding hands in public is "embarrassing" ...  ok mama, take your hand outta that relationship and find a guy who truly is proud to be seen with you.

18.  When you suggest going for a stroll, he starts to moan and says he'd rather go out to the kopitiam or the pub and that you should join him ...  message here is: he does not want alone time with you.

19.  When you talk about marriage, he says he's too young, you're too young, he wants to have enough money first, he needs job security, he's not ready, children scare him, he likes being a bachelor, his mama says he's not ready, his friends think he's not ready ... the list goes on and on and on ... stop pestering the man and go out in the market and find another fish will you then see if he can handle that ;-)

20.  When he talks about marriage, you have panic attacks and start to perspire; you cant imagine being old with him,  you wonder if you're missing out on life, you want to change the subject,  you cant imagine having his children,  you think that he would be domineering and you would lose control of your life ... ahhhhaaa,  you have doubts too ... then dont rush in to marriage, just play a wait and see game with him. If he waits then he's not so bad but if he cant then arent you better off anyway.  ;-)

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