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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


All that you want in life is the simple pleasures but to get that buddy, you will simply need to succumb to pressure.  You know the usual sayings, nothing comes easy, life is hard, hard work pays off, etc... etc... All these are enough to put you off for sure.  Why cant things be a little tedious?, less stressful, less ominous? why ?  oh why?
 - Because the sky's so high and you may not get married in July
 - Because life's like that
 - Because Matrix does not exist and you're stuck in this rut
 - Because no one knows the real answer
 - Because that's why!!

Sometimes, you lay back and think... I want to be a millionaire ... why?
 - Because you want Manolos, Jimmy Choos, and Versacci
 - Because you want a Porche, BMW and a Merc
 - Because you want a Villa in Spain and a duplex in Vegas
 - Because you want a maid, a chauffeur and a personal trainer
 - Because you think you know that all this will make you happy
 - Because you know you want people to look to you and treat you well
 - Because the world you were born into tell you this is how to think

And then, sanity hits you smack in the heart, and you realise, that you are not alone in this world and that you should be doing more to help others ...  but frankly you dont know how to do that either.  You dont know how to make yourself a millionaire and you dont know how to benefit society.  Here comes the depression.  So what to do???

Your problem is huge.  But at least you are now aware.  This is your awakening.  Now you know who you are , what is what ... and that my friend is a start.  Now you learn. Now you are born.
It's not just about possession, or giving to the needy... no not at all.  It's about YOU!  Learning to understand YOU. When you know what you are, who you are and what you really want to do in life.  Then you are at the start, a new beginning of your good life - your path to happiness.

It is only when you are aware, that you can be happy.  And when you are truly happy, you become, naturally truly lucky ...  that's the secret.
Do not measure, your happiness in dollars and cents, measure it in smiles and laughter.  You will be surprised, pleasantly surprised.

You are special, know that, love that.  And you are loved.  And that should be enough for you and me.
Have a great life

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  1. Can I measure my happiness by the height of my heels? Like that lovely photo you've got there! ;p

    You are special, S'Mally, and loved. By me. Not sure about anyone else, but by, yes, 100%. Hahaha.. xxxxx